About Us

Keyword Catalog was conceived out of ignorance by Shangara Singh. In a moment of madness brought about by caffeine deprivation, he thought he could write one in 2–3 weeks! In the end, it took more like 3–4 months of hard work.

Shangara Singh was trained as a lighting designer for the theatre but discovered photography while he was still at theatre school. After graduating, he lit shows professionally and took photos in his spare time.

In the mid-eighties, he moved into the film industry as a film cameraman/director of photography. He shot documentaries for the BBC, ITV, C4, and short dramas and pop videos for independents.

He discovered computing in the mid-nineties and soon found work as a website designer and graphic designer. He became known for his Photoshop skills and eventually founded Examaids.com in 2001 (prep software for the Adobe Certified Expert exams) and, subsequently, wrote books on how to use Photoshop.

An early adaptor of digital photography, he began shooting stock and discovered the inevitable truth: shooting stock is easy, to sell stock you must keyword your images. The need to keyword without tears eventually led to the birth of the Keyword Catalog.

Testimonial: "I found it [Keyword Catalog] a joy to use. Finding the keyword I wanted very quickly but also saw other keywords on other trees that I would want to use."