The Keyword Catalog is a hierarchical, controlled vocabulary and taxonomy composed of commonly used key words, synonyms and phrases.

It contains approximately 30,000 keywords, phrases and synonyms, systematically arranged to make it easy and effortless to find keywords.

If a word is spelled differently in British English and American English (as in colour | color, etc), both versions are included.

Please see the screenshots on the product pages to get a better feel of the structure, or you can download a free demo.

Why Use a Keyword Catalog?

Keywording images is essential if you want your images to be found on a stock site. Using a hierarchy makes it easier to find and to add appropriate keywords, and synonyms.

A good hierarchy will also contain synonyms that may not occur to you but can make the difference between finding your image in a search, or not.

Who can Use the Keyword Catalog

Aimed primarily at stock photographers, Keyword Catalog can be used to tag personal image collections, or photo archive. Popular image browsers supported (please see How to Use)

Navigating the Keyword Catalog

You can load all of the modules into your keywording application or on a need to use basis in order to streamline the navigation (please see  Modules)